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The Value Investment Institute has been set up by a group of Investment professionals and asset managers, all of whom share the core belief that value investment has the greatest chance of delivering strong performance over the long term.  
We remain students of value investment and hope this site will facilitate education and interaction among the global value investment community.  

To be a forum for advancement of value investment thinking and discussion.

To become the portal for the best value investment thinking.

To produce high quality research to further understanding of all aspects of value investment.

To educate investors about the merits of value investment.

To encourage educational institutions to include value investment within their curriculum.

To provide readers with links to the vast wealth of useful discourse on value investment across the internet. 

Among the Value Investment Institute board are:
Gary Connolly, MA Economics.

Gary has a diverse range of experience in the financial services industry having spent a number of years working in treasury and bank financial services before finding the fund management business.

Having been investment development manager at Setanta Asset Management responsible for client services and marketing for over eight years, Gary then joined Merrion Capital as head of marketing.  In Merrion Gary’s role was to help in the set up of a new fund management operation. Gary then moved to the broker side of the business, joining Citadel as its head of investments. Gary left Citadel in 2010 to set up iCubed, an investment consulting company (

Gary is a former committee chairman of the Irish Association of Investment Managers. He has specific expertise in investment communications and training.

Gary writes a regular column for the Sunday Times on topical investment issues, usually viewed through the prism of value investment, an investment philosophy of which Gary is a dedicated proponent.  

Ken Power, B.Comm, MBS, ASIP, Regular Member of the CFA Institute.
Board Member

Ken has been a fund manager since his career commenced at AIBIM in 1985.  Having managed Japanese equities and monitored fund managers focused on the rest of Asia between 1987 and 1998 Ken has significant far eastern experience.  After a brief spell in New Ireland, which was subsequently acquired, Ken was recruited early in the life of a new global asset management company, Setanta Asset Management.  At Setanta Ken’s focus moved away from geography to global sector.  He presided over the technology sector through this very interesting time for the sector.  Ken established Killeevan Investment Consultants, an investment advisor in 2005 ( From his base in the south east of Ireland Ken provides clients with impartial investment advice.

Paul McNulty CFA
Board Member

Paul is a passionate value investor with over a decade of experience in institutional asset management. With an acute awareness of the many factors that make the long term generation of excess returns extremely difficult, Paul embraces the need for continuous learning.

Rowan Smith
Board Member

Rowan developed a keen interest in investment practice while studying at college and was hired as a trainee investment analyst after graduation in 1998.  The volatile market conditions that have prevailed since the 1990s created a particularly fertile environment in which to learn and Rowan believes his professional career began at a particularly opportune time.  He is struck with the observation that as his knowledge and experience expands, so does the scale of the apparent challenges involved in managing money.  Rowan has managed a variety of institutional investment funds for over a decade.  He aspires to become a "second level" thinker, as described by Howard Marks.

David Coyne
Board Member

David has over 10 years experience as an equity fund manager. He has managed a global financial sector fund for the last 6+ years, a period that includes the Global Financial Crisis. This has served as a wonderful (painful) learning experience, as major flaws in the financial system and elsewhere were exposed. The good news and the bad news is that the learning never stops! David has managed a number of other funds, including a concentrated global equity fund.

Patrick McNulty
Board Member

Patrick graduated with a BA in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin and, later, from the Master in Finance program at IE Business School, Madrid. An investor early in his career, Patrick aspires to learn the trade from every resource at his disposal. 

John Looby MA
Board Member

John has been grappling with financial markets for almost a quarter of a century. In roles spanning fixed income, absolute return and equities, his fascination with the challenge of trying to beat the market has never dimmed. In more recent times, he has become particularly interested in the interplay between value investing and the ideas of author and philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The challenge continues.




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